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Submitted on
May 4, 2012


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Challenge #3 for August 2012:
See this poll:…
Race against me!
I am entering our TB stallion, Maroq, in at least 1 race each week through out August.
It is easy to enter, a flat colored headshot is enough to be in the race.
All breeds and ages are welcome, so you can enter even if you're not normally a racing stable.

Can your horse beat our stallion to the finish line?

:new: If you win over Maroq and get 1st in any HARAE race in August, I'll draw you a winner's portrait for free! :new:

Challenge #2 for June 2012:
Break in your horses.
How often do you just draw your horse with rider, trotting along perfectly, and then that horse is broken in a can be ridden?
How often do you spend time (and art) on introducing your youngster to a saddle, bridle, walk them with a rider and slowly build them up as riding horses being schooled etc? How often do you start your jumping horse of by trotting over cavalettis and small jumps? How easy was your horse to break in, did it go prefect or did your rider drop to the ground first seven times you tried? Do your stablehands use traditional english or western methoids when breaking in a horse? Do one of them know horsemanship or old native american methods?

So this is your challenge this month: break in a horse.
It doesn't matter if you use an older horse, that has been competed - then you can just do a "ohh, just found these old photos of xxx" etc. But you can naturally use a younger unbroken horse or age a foal too. It's up to you.
It's also up to you, which part of the training you do, how many art pieces, if it's a mini series, comic, full paintings or chibis etc.
Just spend a little time thinking about how your characters would go about it all, and how easy your horse was to train - and then try showing some parts of training a horse that you do not usually draw ^^

Have fun!

Challenge #1 for May 2012:
Show me your wardrobe!
Pick 1 (or more) of your human(ized) characters - stable hand, rider, farm owner or whatever - and draw at least four sets of clothing for them in the categories below:
1. Work
2. Casual - winter
3. Casual - summer
4. Party

Feel free to do extras such as swim wear, pin up fetish styles or whatever you can think of.
Just spend a little time thinking about who your char really is, what he or she likes to wear and even what kind of statement they make with their clothes - or if they try their best not to make any statements at all. And then submit to dA for RP use etc ^^
Also, feel free to use a free lineart template for the body mannequin - but please draw the clothes yourself, so it's an actual challenge ;)

Challenge #1 - Trudi's wardrobe by AgerskovArt Adalyn by Aarogyc Dresscode Jess by Jumperlady Nathalies Clothes by Dark1lady

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Murasaki99 Aug 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Woo, fun! :boing:
TuscanValleyStables Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I shall, be entering Pegasus MAWHAHAHA Big white stally ;P major contrast
TuscanValleyStables Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it will be good if i can get it finished in time XD (and get him registered ;P)
hehe, you got some time. more races next week too ;)
TuscanValleyStables Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
everytime i get Almost done SAI wigs out on me. :/ then (do to my forgetful behavior) i forget to save it then have to start Alll over again XD
im terrible lol
put a post it on your comp saying "SAVE DAMNIT!" :P
TuscanValleyStables Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think i will have to XD
GunsSmoke Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Definatly going to give it a go when my DVR racing division is up and running. :D Could I enter my future arabs and quarter horses in these HARAE races?
sure you can, every horse is welcome no matter type and age :)
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